Staycation in the 514

After spending what feels like a century buried in snow, Montreal has come out of hibernation.

I swear it happened overnight! But I ain’t complainin’.

My boyfriend Sacha and I were lucky enough to spend the weekend at his mom’s house while she was away, and I decided to do a lil documenting because the weather was gorg (and I wanted an insta, obviously).

We started the weekend with a park crawl. Think bar hopping, but with parks instead.

This park gave off such a botanical garden feel, and I was really diggin’ it.


Wanna see the full outfit? Click here.
Looks like I’ve found my personal photographer 🙂


L’été à Montréal avec mon amour!

Day 2 started off with a delish brunch at Arts Café.



Our weekend ended with a day at the park, and an evening of Netflix.

I am so grateful to go to school in such a wonderful city, even if it means enduring a 6 month winter.

But at the end of the day, it’s all worth it for weekends like these 🙂


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