Put a Ring on It: Marble Clay Tray

Girls, I dunno bout you, but I’m always leaving my rings in random places.

And then I lose them for a hot minute.

The solution to this is simple: an adorable, convenient, totally Insta-worthy polymer clay ring (or anything your little heart desires) tray!

Some tips:

  • The more you knead, the more marbled it will be. It takes some muscle, but if I can do it, you can too 😉
  • Make sure you’re putting the side of the clay DOWN on the bowl that you want to be on the inside of your tray.
  • These trays are great as gifts! I gave mine to a friend for her birthday. She loves to wear rings and said that this was the perfect place to put them!

What do you think?



Add yours →

  1. I have a lot of rings… And this will definitely help me organize my rings Love it !!!! Please check out my blog. Share your thoughts and follow!!


  2. I love these! So simple and beautiful, not to mention handy!


  3. Such a cute idea! Love the colors!


  4. I knead one!! Love the colors!!

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  5. Made one for my room then got carried away modeling my room after yours. Got the chalk mason jars and instead of hanging my necklaces on the lids, I stuck pucks on my walls 😉 can’t wait for you to see it for yourself! Xoxo


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